Bob Carver Corporation Announces change to Consumer Direct Sales

March 3, 2022

Dear Bob Carver Representatives and Dealers:

Continuing rapid changes in our business climate have resulted in a review of our longstanding business model. Major changes to our operating model are in the works now. Resulting from this analysis, we will begin selling directly to consumers only. Our new web site will reflect this.

We will be filling the existing back orders as soon as possible. We understand if you prefer a cancellation. 

We apologize for the shipping delays. We expect to have the existing back-orders filled in the next 30 days. 

It has been a pleasure collaborating with you. We appreciate your continued friendship and well wishes as Bob Carver launches an on-line store, coming soon. We wish everyone continued success as the market continues to evolve.

We hope you can understand that changes were necessitated to fulfill Bob’s vision and to remain a healthy and vibrant organization in these modern and ever-changing times.


Jim Clark

Director of Operations

Bob Carver, LLC


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