HED Unity Charts New Path for Listening Experience with World’s First Wireless Lossless Audio Headphones

The Swiss Company invites users to stream their favorite songs in Full-Fidelity™ leveraged through the power of Wi-Fi

Geneva, Switzerland, April 12, 2023— HED Unity, a Swiss audio company focused on the consumer and professional audio markets, announces the launch of its first luxury wireless headphone: Unity. Unity redefines listening through a set of patented technologies, which enable lossless audio streaming for wireless headphones. “We believe that everyone should be able to listen to audiophile quality audio, whenever and wherever, simply and without compromise. It’s time to demystify the process. Once you hear the difference it’s impossible to go back,” says Tim Degraye, Co-Founder of HED Unity.

Instead of relying solely on the Bluetooth™ wireless standard, which adds a layer of compression, the Unity headphones also incorporate Full-Fidelity™ offering users true wireless and lossless sound to support high-resolution streaming up to 24bit/96kHz for an unparalleled listening experience. Through the use of onboard Wi-Fi functionality, Full-Fidelity™ allows listeners to experience the songs they love in stunning clarity and rich detail like never before by using Unity headphones. The user can tap into the HED Unity Multisource Music Player Unity App to access their local media server or sync with Hi-Res music services like Qobuz.

Unity Headphones in Anthracite Gray

Hear the Difference

With an integrated dual-core processor, for memory and storage, Unity headphones go beyond the capabilities of traditional wireless headphones. An onboard 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) – made up of a 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and a 3-axis compass – delivers head-tracking motion detection for an immersive listening experience. HED Unity’s very own audio platform ensures that the listener will have access to over-the-air (OTA) software updates to help improve the experience and add functionality over time. The Unity headphones are available in Anthracite Gray to purchase through getunity.com for $2,199.00 USD. ​

“We believe that a headphone is not simply an accessory,” Tim Degraye continues, “With Unity, listeners can finally experience the true representation of the artists’ energy, music and message. This listening experience can enrich our lives in a meaningful way.” ​

More Than Just a Headphone

Unity’s closed back headphones, constructed of CNC sculpted architectural-grade aluminium alloy, raise the bar in audio industrial design while introducing the latest standard in audio performance, Full-Fidelity™. Unity features 40mm, titanium-coated drivers that minimize distortion for smooth playback, no matter how loud the music is. The headphone’s wide-range frequency response of 20Hz-22kHz guarantees that the artist’s intentions are being honored. ​

The headphone comes with intelligent features including a companion app (available on iOS and Android) creating an unparalleled user interface where the customer can setup and update the headphones, customize EQ, connect to a Wi-Fi network for Full-Fidelity™ streaming and sync with partner services like Qobuz. The function button nested on the outer shell of the headphone is defaulted to toggle noise cancelling on/off, but through the app the user can reprogram the button to functions like EQ on/off and more with future updates. Unity headphones are also compatible with standard Bluetooth™ and come bundled with an adapter for wired listening if desired.

Ergonomic Design for Seamless Comfort

The ear cups are precision milled using CNC from a single block of 6063 architectural-grade aluminium alloy and combined with a vibration-reducing, super rigid carbon fiber-infused nylon chassis. The outer aluminium design offers an incredibly strong, lightweight structure with a radiant finish. By effectively reducing the outside noise with dense materials, HED Unity’s ANC works smarter not harder, so listeners won’t feel the pressure in their ears that is common with the ANC of other headphones. There are 12 microphones in total; 4 support active noise-cancelling while 8 are beamforming and background noise cancelling for crystal-clear calls.

Unity’s durable headband is constructed with a strong yet flexible polyamide, the same material used in fine Italian sunglasses. The headband, paired with height-adjustable ear cups, offers a perfect fit that evenly distributes the weight of the headset across the entire head to minimize the need for excessive clamping around the ears. With memory foam ear pads that feature a cooling gel and velvety-soft microfiber, the Unity headphones can be worn for hours of sublime wireless, lossless listening.

Meet the Team

HED Unity was co-founded by Tim Degraye and Liliane Huguet. Degraye and Huguet’s team consists of leading audio engineers and sound designers who focus on design, engineering, research and development. ​ The Los Angeles-based office is supported by HED Unity Vice President of Product, Ken Randall. Randall, brings 18-years of experience in consumer electronics product development working for start-ups and large companies like Westinghouse, Mattel and Sharp Electronics. Randall is joined by pro audio veteran, Colin Liebich, who has been responsible for highly successful marketing programs at BAE Audio, Mojave Audio, Ocean Way Audio, Amphion Audio, MixWave and others. The advisory board includes Ted Field, the founder of Interscope Records and Radar Pictures, and Nicolas Bonard, the CEO of Montreux Media Ventures.

“In today’s sonic environment, we are acutely aware of our surroundings, we have more control over how we choose to listen to content. Unity brings the artist and the listener closer than ever before by maintaining the ultimate purity and integrity of the audio signal,” Degraye concludes. ​

Key Technical Specs

  • Closed back design
  • SBC and AAC Codec
  • Version 5.3 Bluetooth®
  • Dynamic 40mm titanium coated drivers
  • Frequency response of 20Hz-22kHz
  • Dual core 650 MHz 32-bit processor
  • Integrated Active ANC Processor
  • Mobile app available on iOS and Android
  • Lithium-ion battery charged to 100% within an hour and a half
  • 6-8 hours of Bluetooth streaming or Hi-Res Wi-Fi Streaming
  • Carrying case included with USB charging cable, USB 3.5mm Audio Dongle

For more information, please visit— www.getunity.com


HED Unity is a Swiss company is focused on delivering an authentic sonic experience featuring the highest possible audio quality for the consumer and professional audio markets. Their first product Unity establishes the brand as a technological leader achieving the world’s first wireless headphones to stream lossless audio through a trademarked technology called Full-Fidelity™. By leveraging the power of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, HED Unity pioneers a new way forward in headphone design that ensures a single note is never lost.

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