Part 2 CanJam NYC-Spectacular

Dan Clark’s new AEON  headphone took me by complete surprise, the sound was full and bass deep with excellent midrange and pristine treble sound. Dan’s designs continue to wow the community. MrSpeakers is an American success story. The company has evolved into a world class manufacturer that offers value and stellar sound in all their products.

Mr Speaker’s  was showing the AEON headphone Priced at $799. The new headphone sounded like a game changer in this price category. Stay tuned for a full review on Guru.

The Audioquest team was showing there award winning Night Hawk and the  Night Owl Carbon Headphones. The Nighthawk is semi-open and the fully closed Night Owl was shaking things up with their award winning Dragonfly DACs as the source. The Headphones are both priced  at $699 and were making fantastic music. The dragonfly DACs start at $99 and make music come to life.

Steve Ambrose’s ADEL technology is significantly helping to make hearing impaired people enjoy music. My daughter Michelle has a hole in her right eardrum and plays music too loud.

Steve is setting up the bubble hearing test of the active ADEL technology for Michelle.

Steve inserting the in-ear monitors into Michelle’s ears.

Michelle listening to the tunes  without the active monitors.

Steve starts the active ADEL technology and Michelle clearly can hear better in right ear. Her changed facial expression was noticeable and she loved what she was hearing.

Steve explaining to Michelle what the ADEL technology was doing  while she was listening.

Steve and Michelle with the Empire Ears team. Empire Ear’s and Steve donated a pair of custom IEM’s with ADEL technology for Michelle. We will be participating in how the ADEL technology can work for special needs and hearing impaired people.  Thanks to Steve and Empire Ear’s  for working with Michelle.  Stay tuned!

Angela Cardas with Josh and Steve. Cardas will be using the ADEL technology in their in-ear monitors.

Brannon Mason  was busy working his always crowded table for Noble’s award winning designs.

Chord was showcasing their award winning products . The Dave DAC, Hugo TT and Hugo 11 with the Mojo all are favorably priced with the strong and favorable US currency conversion. The Mojo still making  big splash and priced at $529. Check out all the Chord products for the best in digital reproduction.

Ken Ball told me the Campfire in-ear monitors were selling briskly. Prices range from $799 to $1299.  The Campfire Universal in-ear monitors have been well received in our reviews and by the community.