Philadephia Members Meet


The Philadelphia meet has become a yearly event that takes place at Lee Shelly’s Photography Studio. The meet continues to grow every year. This year showcased 25 member setups. Headamp and Hifiman were present and showcased their products. Hifiman had the Edition 6 on display with their EF1000 amp. Priced at $6000 for the Headphone and $15000 for the amplifier. Peter James was showing the Blue Hawaii and GSX amps using the Stax 009 electrostatic headphone and  a terrific lineup of top tier dynamics.

Lee had the food delivered and some of the finest Philadelphia Hoagie’s from Primo’s.  Everyone had a blast and here is the pictorial of the rigs that was set up. Thanks to Lee Shelly for providing the studio and hosting another terrific meet.