Share The Highest Quality Listening Experience For Two: Qobuz Launches DUO Offer

New York, NY, January 6, 2022Qobuz, the audiophile-approved high-resolution streaming and download platform, is launching its brand new QOBUZ DUO offer, which provides access from the same subscription to two separate accounts. Like the individual and family subscriptions Qobuz currently offers, QOBUZ DUO is perfect for music enthusiasts who want to share a unique and high quality music experience. 

Share the highest sound quality at the lowest cost

The only platform to offer both streaming and download in high resolution, Qobuz is launching a new offer to kick off 2022 for all music lovers: QOBUZ DUO allows two people living under the same roof using separate accounts to benefit from the same subscription.

DUO plans start at $14.99 per month(1), only $4.16 more than the individual subscription. QOBUZ DUO is a new offering, in addition to the SOLO and FAMILY subscriptions already available, There are two versions of DUO available: 1. Unlimited streaming with QOBUZ STUDIO and 2. Unlimited streaming and download discounts with QOBUZ SUBLIME.

The highest quality listening experience with QOBUZ DUO

On par with all of the subscriptions offered by Qobuz,* DUO subscribers will have unlimited access to a catalog of over 70 million tracks available in the highest sound quality (Hi-Res and CD quality exclusively). Subscribers will benefit from an unparalleled music experience, both in terms of sound quality and the richness of Qobuz’ offerings, including a complete and diverse catalog and robust editorial content: unique articles, artist interviews, videos, biographies and reviews. Subscribers will also be able to create collaborative playlists and listen to their music anytime without interruption on a wide range of high fidelity audio devices and equipment.

“We are happy to unveil QOBUZ DUO. This offer has been long awaited by our customers, audiophiles and music lovers eager to share their passion for music with one of their family. They will now be able to share a unique and high-quality music experience, all at an advantageous price. ” declares Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz.

* QOBUZ STUDIO DUO, the unlimited high-resolution streaming offer for two people is available for $14.99 per month(1) (or $179.88 annually), or without commitment for $17.99 per month. To subscribe, go to

The QOBUZ STUDIO offer is also available in SOLO, from $10.83 per month(1), and FAMILY, starting at $17.99 per month(1).

* QOBUZ SUBLIME DUO, the high-resolution streaming and downloading offer for two people is available for $22.49 per month(1) (or $269.88 annually). To subscribe, go to

The QOBUZ SUBLIME offer is also available in SOLO, starting at $15.00 per month, and FAMILY, starting at $29.17 per month(1).

The DUO offer is only available for two people living under the same roof.(1) For an annual single payment subscription

About Qobuz

Founded in 2007, a pioneer of high-quality sound, Qobuz is the French music streaming and download service that meets the needs of demanding music lovers and audiophiles. Available in 19 countries around the world, in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan (Hi-Res download service only). Qobuz offers an exceptional range of exclusive editorial content written by a team of experts. With its catalog of more than 70 million tracks, Qobuz also has the richest choice of high-resolution (Hi-Res) references on the market. Qobuz is licensed for Hi-Res Audio by the Japan Audio Society (JAS). For more information, visit

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