Last Import - 021 Our first stop for Pre CanJam took us to Mr Speakers in San Diego.

Dan Clark was happy to meet with Warren Chi, Amos Barnett and myself.




Dan ClarK MrSpeakers CEO

Dan ClarK MrSpeakers CEO

Dan sitting in his office discussing his newest headphone creation.




Last Import - 020

Headphone Guru Contributor Warren Chi





Last Import - 022

Amos Barnett Administrator flew in from Japan.





Last Import - 026

Dan Clark modeling the ETHER headphone which sounded

awesome. Light and  comfortable  but extremely dynamic and robust.





Last Import - 027

Warren Chi in a serious trance while listening to the ETHER.




Last Import - 029Dan showing the original prototype. The original code name Dreadnaught was originally slated to be a closed headphone.



Last Import - 031

Dan Clark  showing the ETHER flexible new titanium headband. Unique to the industry.



Last Import - 033Warren  admiring  Dan’s new  ETHER  and prototype cable. The cable is transparent.