Omega Super 3 Desktop Speaker

I discovered the magical world of high fidelity around five years ago. What originally was a Google search for a good sounding pair of earbuds ended up becoming a lifelong hobby and something I know I will enjoy and pursue for the rest of my life. I ended up buying a plethora of headphones, amplifiers, and of course, tubes. My taste for music also widened as I discovered artists and genres I never would have otherwise known existed. As my equipment improved, I also found more depth in all my recordings. I could hear instruments I never could hear before and all the extra layers and dimensions hidden in each track made me rediscover my entire library. As awesome as my musical journey was, however, there was also one big drawback: I could never enjoy music in the same way when it was played through a low quality system. Music playing on the radio or through normal speakers now sounded horrible to me as I was able to immediately notice all the flaws in the sound. Also, I was still primarily a headphone listener and could not find a way to get into speakers.

Practicality and portability set aside, headphones have many advantages over speakers. They are generally much cheaper and are able to deliver transparency, detail, and depth at a much more affordable price than an equivalently priced speaker. Also, I love the fact that I can own several headphones, each with a different sound signature, each one a unique window into the music itself. The possibilities are endless. You simply cannot do that with speakers, unless you are willing to spend a small fortune and have a castle to set them up. Despite all this, speakers still interest me since they allow me to listen to music without anything on my ears. They also provide a more realistic soundstage, bass you can actually feel, and when appropriate, they allow others to enjoy my music at the same time.


Most of my listening is done at my computer since that is where all my music is stored and where I spend most of my listening time. Thus, I needed to find desktop speakers that offer uncompromised sound quality and that will not cost me thousands. My current desktop system, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1, has served me well over the years but has never really delivered the goods. For less than $150, it offers bass, warmth, and sound quality that puts many similarly priced desktop systems and even some home theaters to shame. However, they still lack the openness, detail, and definition that I seek. After increasing my budget, I looked into several monitors and multi-channel desktop systems priced under $1000, but all of them fell short of my expectations and disappointed me in one way or another.

I had completely given up on finding a nice set of speakers until just a few months ago when Frank Iacone introduced me to a small speaker company called Omega Speaker Systems. Frank recommended I try the “Super 3” Desktop Speakers. I have had them for over a month now and I am still floored by how amazing they sound.


Omega Speaker Systems is a small speaker company based in Norwalk, Connecticut that specializes in single driver designs. Louis Chochos, the company’s founder, has over 34 years of experience in designing and building speakers. Chochos believes that through building each speaker by hand and using only high quality materials and custom designed parts, he can create a speaker that outperforms most mainstream offerings while remaining competitively priced. The Super 3 Desktop is Omega’s entry-level speaker, made specifically for desktops.

Like other Omega products, the Super 3 keeps things simple by using a single driver, their own proprietary RS5 driver. There are no crossovers, filters, or other components in the speaker (this ensures a clean signal and sound that is coherent and pure). The RS5 driver measures 4.5″ in diameter, has a frequency response of 65-20kHz, and thanks to its high sensitivity of 94.5 dB, it can be driven by just 2 watts of power.

The proprietary cabinet uses multiple layers of softwood MDF and a thick layer of beautiful Zebrawood veneer to eliminate cabinet resonance. The inside is further damped using heavy duty rebond foam and ladder bracing. The bottom of the cabinet features a bass port as well as vibration absorbing spikes with coasters to protect your desk from scratches. Though the speaker grills are magnetized, the feet coasters aren’t, which can make placement a little challenging at first. Overall, the speakers feature high quality construction and design that many competitors at this price point lack (consumer speakers are mostly made of glossy plastic, glue, and low-quality wood and vinyl laminates). Through design and engineering, the Super 3 Desktop speakers overcome many of the shortcomings of single driver loudspeakers and promise high performance in all aspects of sound including bass and treble extension.

  • Paddy

    Great write up. I especially like the part – “plethora of headphones”. Nicely put.

    • Dubstep Girl

      lol thanks!

  • Ismael

    Great review, another speaker to consider would be the Audience The One, similar one driver no crossover speaker although slightly more expensive at 1k

    • Dubstep Girl

      thanks! and yeah, those seem interesting, they do seem to be quite similar, smaller too!

    • Django

      The One is an impressive speaker and will not disappoint. Actually has suprising bass performance for the size. But they are definitely not pretty to look at.

  • Punit

    Five stars for using “Dancing with Kadafi” as a test track 😉

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