1More Quad Driver-The new sensation!

Last year 1More took the personal audio community by storm with the  introduction if their $99 triple driver IEM. The triple driver won numerous industry awards and competed with products that were several hundred dollars more. The steady line of the 1More  products has amassed critical success worldwide. The company has become known for its high quality and impressive sounding units that are extremely good and offer tremendous value with exceptional sound quality.

The Quad Driver is the new addition to the family and offers four drivers which replicate mini speakers made from a diamond like carbon fiber to deliver dynamic power. The streamlined aluminum chamber was designed to offer exceptional noise isolation while remaining comfortable. Once again Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi designed a fully balanced IEM with a realistic soundstage. 1More is offering the Quad driver for $199.00

The $199 Package

Included in the price is an amazing collection of different size tips for users to get the best seal and fit. The tips all have their sizes labeled, so when you arrive at the one with best fit, you will be able to easily order replacements and know what the right size is, making reordering tips a snap. The microphone has a built in chip that properly identifies your smartphone. It works with both iPhone and android devices, as well as, iPads and computers. The superior microphone insures clarity and articulation, while the volume controls on the device are easily moved up an down to get the proper listen levels. The cable is another well thought out design. There is no evidence of any microphonic sound  and the flexible jacket never tangled during my use. The sound was clean and articulate and the cable fits nicely into the 45-degree oblique angle ear fitting. The IEM matched perfectly to my ear canal and had terrific sealing with outstanding comfort.

Included in the package is leather carrying case for you’re in ear monitors. 1More offers an incredible package of accessories included with the base price.


Holly Cole’s sultry vocal is one of my favorite artists to listen to for female vocal reproduction. “The Train Song” from her Temptation album has excellent acoustic bass with lots of treble extension . Holly’s sexy and seductive voice was apparent with the Quad and sounded spooky real. The sound was amazing with detail and the acoustic bass was detailed with texture and the tone was accurate. I could hear the musicians spread out in a soundstage with shakers and a pristine shimmer to the drum cymbals. The sound was alive and transparent with inner detail that at this price point many other products just do not match.

Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on The Hill” from his new album Divide was a revelation. The soundstage was out of my head. The dynamics were exceptional and the sound was clear and articulate and his vocal delivery was fantastic. The sound coming from the Quad was never bright or harsh and the bass was impactful with  good depth and slam. The kick drum was noticeable in the recording and Sheeran’s vocal was clear and articulate

“Dream of Me” from  Alison Krauss’s new album Windy City once again showcased the strength of the Quad Drive and delivered an exceptional sultry sexy female vocal. Krauss’s vocal was alive and vibrant with the musicians focused within the soundstage. The sound had exceptional spacing between instruments and offered an exceptional picture into the recording venue. The music was never fatiguing and Krauss’s vocal was front and center with exceptional clarity and free of any sibilance. The sound was outstanding, especially for any product offered in this price range.

Nelly Furtado’s “Cold Hard Truth” track from he newly released The Ride had excellent dynamic beat and got my body moving to the groove, the sound was dynamic and the Quad was able to keep up with the music  and offered exceptional tonality while listening to the music. The music was presented with excellent definition and  the dynamic drive was first rate.

“Love Me Again”from Frances’s new album Things I never said showcased her vocal with exceptional clarity. I could hear all the lyrics with crisp articulation and the sound was exceptional. The recording itself is not reference quality and the Quad was able to let me know that there was some compression and made her vocal at times sound bright. The mix at times cluttered the soundstage but her vocal was always clear. The Quad was able to let me know what the deficiencies of the recording were and made me wonder how good this artist would be if this album had better mastering.

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’ new album Souvenir is another exceptional effort by Holcomb, and the American folk rocker comes alive on the track “Fight for Love”. The music came alive and had me tapping the toes, and I was completely consumed with the recording. The sound on this album is alive and involving and the Quad was able to recreate all the excitement of this track and added terrific dynamic beat to the music. The sound was articulate and pristine and once again my notepad was writing accolades and words like wow and fantastic. The sound once again delivered the music in an out of the head experience and competed with IEM’s that are several hundred dollars more.

The Scoop

1More as a company continues to amaze me and the industry.  The innovative company keeps offering the community the most exceptional value products at reasonable and affordable prices. The sound of the Quad Drive once again delivered for 1More an exceptional transducer that competes, and in many instances, exceed offerings from other companies priced exceptionally higher.

The midrange is exceptional. The sound on vocals was always pristine; the music was flowing with exceptionally  good dynamics  and the Quad nailed instrument tonality. The air and separation between musicians was exceptional.

The Treble extension continued to impress. Never have I heard treble this good from any product in this price range. The treble had excellent shimmer and was never harsh always delivered musicality and made drum cymbals and horns sound realistic without any nasty brightness and always musical. Bass extension was excellent. It is accurate and with enough slam and texture to make it believable. The soundstage was another highpoint for the quad. It delivered exceptional air and space with good front to rear staging. Instruments and musicians had their own defined space with terrific imaging.

The Quad is an exceptional product and a step up over prior 1More products. It offers exceptional value with a musicality that other products in this price range do not deliver. If you’re looking for a value based reference IEM for everyday usage, the Quad from  1More should be at the top of your list. 1More continues to push the envelope higher to what is possible in affordable and reference quality products that always deliver musicality. The Quad driver is an exceptional product and is highly recommended for anyone wanting reference quality at an affordable price.  Highly Recommended.

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Frank Iacone

Frank started his journey in high-end audio in 1978 and was quickly hooked. Frank’s passion for music and great sound reproduction is stronger than ever. His main focus is with high-end headphones and portable related gear. He is a regular Head-Fi.org contributor and is a co-founder of Headphone.Guru.

  • Frank iacone
  • 2017-08-02 18:31:00
  • The upgrade is absolutely worth it. The soundstage is better and more bass.
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  • Daniel Golcher
  • 2017-08-02 17:36:00
  • Thanks I have the triple drivers and was wondering if updating would be worth it... even if at 2x the price... but it seems it does.
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