AudioConLA 2022, Postponed.

(Dec. 27th) For the last fifteen years, Sarah and I have been organizing audio shows, and believe
us, we went through many epic situations. Since the pandemic’s beginning, we have closely
followed the development of Covid-19 and its variants to make sure we make the right decision
at the right time. As a result, in the last 22 months, we have canceled three of our four shows as
it was unsafe.
When we announced AudioConLA last June, no one could have predicted the situation we are in
today. Since last week, the condition has deteriorated rapidly. The CES is seeing its most
prominent exhibitors withdraw due to the exponential increase of Omicron cases. The Grammy
Awards are postponing their dates, professional leagues are rescheduling games, thousands of
flights are canceled every day, many countries are under lockdown, and the CDC is projecting
record numbers of cases for the month of January.
Due to the emerging hyper-infectious Omicron variant, it became evident that it would be
impossible to hold our event in total safety on the dates we planned it. We feel it would be
thoughtless to host a large international gathering amid the rapidly spreading COVID-19
infections. The health and well-being of our participants are our ultimate priority. The event is
therefore postponed to a later date.
We are not taking this decision lightly. We have invested one year of our life in developing this
project and a considerable amount of money. However, we are confident that this is an
investment for the future and not a loss in the present.
We are incredibly disappointed for the public and for our partners who supported us: the Hyatt
Regency, the manufacturers, exhibitors, sponsors, press, artists, and collaborators, but we had
to take the decision now before all parties incurred additional costs.
AudioConLA will refund everyone at 100% within the next couple of days.
Thank you all for your trust!

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