Ran Xiang

* Audiophile, Music Lover, Singer, Vocalist, Multiculturalism Activist, Linguist, Educator, Record Collector *Active expert reviewer in several national and international HiFi forums. *My passion is chasing the ultimate sound (Summit HiFi). *My interested areas are DAC technology, DDC technology, Master Clock technology, cable technology, headphone amplifiers *My HiFi Philosophy: ​品乐如料理,如是下等之边脚余料,烹者技艺又羞涩,不加辛辣大味,不可下咽也。若是上等食材,加之特厨之手,自是以最大化彰显原味为佳。厨者心中无味,方品世间百味。 Reproducing music is like cooking. If the ingredients are inferior, the culinary skills are shy, and no strong spices nor condiments are added, you cannot swallow the food; If high-quality ingredients are used, coupled with the hands of skilled chefs, the original flavor can shine the best. Chefs have no specific taste in their hearts, can create all the flavors in the world.


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