Living Sounds Audio/Underwood HiFi Introduce a Killer EL-34 Integrated Amp—at $1199!

Lahaina HI, February 22, 2022: Living Sounds Audio is pleased to announce the availability of the LSA VT-70, a vacuum tube integrated amplifier utilizing EL-34 output tubes. The VT-70 features remarkable performance and an extraordinary set of features including dual meters, a built-in headphone amp, and a metal remote control. The VT-70 is priced at $1399, direct from Underwood HiFi, but is presently available at introductory pricing of $1199, delivered.

“After 50 years in audio, what excites me the most is being able to offer great, high-value products,” said Walter Liederman, President of Living Sounds Audio and Underwood HiFi. “The LSA VT-70 is one of the best values I’ve ever been able to offer our customers: it sounds great, looks great, and can be used by anyone. The VT-70 is one of the best value in vacuum tube amps today.”

Features of the LSA VT-70:

–35 watt/channel all vacuum tube design, with 1-12AX7, 2-12AU7, and 4-EL-34 output tubes (2 per channel)
–Dual front-panel meters display power output of each channel, switchable to set bias levels
–All-metal construction, with black chassis and machined aluminum front panel
–Headphone output on front panel, subwoofer output on back panel–Full-function high-quality metal remote control is included
–All tubes are superb PSVANE units, with matched pairs of EL-34s
–3 RCA inputs are provided, switchable from front panel control or remote

“The VT-70 allows our customers to put together a really good system for around $2000,” said Liederman. “And of course, we’re happy to help them choose the rest of their systems to complement this amazing amp.”

About Underwood HiFi: Founded in 1999 and still run by Walter Liederman, a 50-year audio industry veteran, Underwood HiFi was one of the first online-only audio dealerships, and is dedicated to providing extraordinary products at terrific prices, allied with unmatched customer service.

About Living Sounds Audio: LSA is one of three brands owned and sold direct by Underwood, with the others being Emerald Physics (speakers and electronics) and Core Power Technologies (AC line conditioning and cables). Elimination of middle-men enables these brands to be offered at amazingly low prices, backed by the reputation and service of Underwood Hifi.

 LSA VT-70
Underwood HiFi

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