Living Sounds Audio/Underwood HiFi Introduce a Tube Preamp PLUS 2-watt Headphone Amp—for $799!

Living Sounds Audio Introduces Hyperdrive 2: a Superb Tube Preamp AND a 2-watt Headphone Amp, for $799!

For further information: email Walter Liederman

Lahaina HI, September 15, 2022: Living Sounds Audio is pleased to announce the availability of Hyperdrive 2, a state of the art combination of a superb vacuum tube preamplifier with a 2-watt solid state headphone amp, capable of driving the most demanding headphones. The Hyperdrive 2 is priced at $999, direct from Underwood HiFi, but is presently available at introductory pricing of $799, delivered.

“The Hyperdrive 2 is half the width of standard components, perfect for a desktop headphone system —but the preamp is so good it can be used as the front end of a killer 2-channel system,” said Walter Liederman, owner of Living Sounds Audio and Underwood HiFi.

The Hyperdrive 2 is solidly built of powder-coated aluminum, and its construction and component quality would be impressive in a product at two or three times its price. At $999, it’s a steal. At $799—well, what’s beyond “a steal”? “Grand larceny”?

Features of the Hyperdrive 2:
-A smooth-turning Alps pot controls volume;
-A pair of E88CC triodes act as a Class A cathode follower buffer, providing smooth and spacious sound and allowing for tube-rolling with 6922 and 6DJ8 tubes;
-Gain can be selected at three levels (0/6/12 dB) by a front-panel toggle to match any source or headphone;
-The output stage utilizes the class-leading Texas Instruments TPA 1620A2 monolithic power amp, producing clear and fatigue-free sound at vanishingly low levels of distortion—0.005% with most headphone loads;

-Microprocessors control noise-free warm-up and shut-down, while solid state relays provide mute and output protection functions, and are quieter and more reliable than mechanical relays.

“We’ll package the Hyperdrive 2 with our Emerald Physics 600.2SE amp giving customers a terrific $999 vacuum tube preamp and a great $2500, 600 watt/channel ICEpower amp— for only $2499, ” said Liederman. “The performance is every bit as incredible as the deal. We’d put that pair up against anything at double the price. We can also package the HD-2 with our $799 HP-2 headphones, for $1449.  That’s another killer deal.” (The Hyperdrive 2/HP-2 combo is shown in the top image.)

The Hyperdrive 2 is now available and shipping anywhere in the world, exclusively from Underwood HiFi. The unit comes with a 2-year warranty, 6 months on tubes.

About Underwood HiFi: Founded in 1999 and still run by Walter Liederman, a 50-year audio industry veteran, Underwood HiFi was one of the first online-only audio dealerships, and is dedicated to providing extraordinary products at terrific prices, allied with unmatched customer service.

About Living Sounds Audio: LSA is one of three brands owned and sold direct by Underwood, with the others being Emerald Physics (speakers and electronics) and Core Power Technologies (AC line conditioning and cables). Elimination of middle-men enables these brands to be offered at amazingly low prices, backed by the reputation and service of Underwood Hifi.

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