MrSpeakers VOCE and ETHER2 win 3 Awards each

MrSpeakers’ VOCE Electrostatic Wins 3 Best Headphone Awards

VOCE was our first entry into the ultimate in headphone technology, electrostatics, famed for their incredible resolution. We’re really excited that VOCE has already won two Product of the Year and a System of the Year award, as well as Best Extreme Sound at the 2017 LA Audio show!

VOCE was inspired by our desire to marry electrostatic resolution with the bass power and organic texture of planar magnetic headphones to render exceptionally lifelike music, from classical to electronica. So when said “My hat’s off to HeadAmp and MrSpeakers for producing the best sound in a Personal Audio system I have yet to hear and congratulations on a job well done,” we were really excited!

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MrSpeakers’ ETHER 2 Wins 3 Awards in 2 Months!
ETHER 2 has been on the market for less than two months and has already won 3 awards, including two Best-of-Show and one Product of the Year!With a rich, smooth, detailed and stunningly spacious sound, ETHER 2 is a great all-around headphone suitable for virtually any music. And its low weight of 290 grams puts ETHER 2 among the lightest and most comfortable top of the line headphones on the market.In their award summary, had this to say about ETHER 2: “MrSpeakers ETHER 2 represents a new bar for planar magnetic headphones, achieving almost electrostatic performance in detail and resolution while retaining efficiency and dynamic range that electrostatics can only dream of.”

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