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PuroQuiet Headphones

PuroQuiet Headphones On Sale 6/14/19 – 8/16/19: All Colors: $79.99 While there are a number of companies making headphones for kids, Puro Sound Labs has been top-rated by experts for their dedication to preserving healthy hearing. For starters, their PuroQuiet headphones use advanced DSP to limit the volume to 85dB, which experts consider a safe level for up to 8 hours of listening. Puro also adds 26dB of active noise cancellation (ANC), which greatly suppresses outside noise, providing the optimum quiet environment for a premium listening experience. Add in wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and up to 22 hours of battery life, and your kids can have wire-free studio quality sound wherever you take them. Now available in cool gray! Puro BT2200 Volume Limited Headphones

BT2200 Headphones On Sale 6/14/19 – 8/16/19: All colors – $59.99 If noise cancellation isn’t a necessity for your kids, Puro Sound Labs also offers the Puro BT2200 Volume Limited Headphones. These were the world’s first studio-grade Bluetooth headphone designed to allow for crystal clear, comfortable all-day listening without delivering a volume higher than 85dB. The aluminum construction and soft protein leather ear cups provide 82% of noise isolation (at 1kHz), while the battery will provide 18 hours of listening, and up to 200 hours of standby time. Like the PuroQuiet headphones, the BT2200s connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, or through a hardwired cable. PuroCalm Earmuffs

PuroCalm Earmuffs On Sale 6/14/19 – 8/16/19: All Colors – $17.99 If you want to protect your kids from overwhelming noise levels this year, the PuroCalm earmuffs are a must-have. These kids earmuffs are tailored to protect children from suffering loud and harmful noise, ensuring 27 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for effective kids hearing protection. Especially designed and sized for children aging from 3 to 16 years old, PuroCalm features heavily padded, rotatable and foldable ear pads. The PuroCalm earmuffs are even certified as Sensory Inclusive by KultureCity, an organization that provides sensory-inclusive spaces and universal accessibility for people with disabilities. Through their partnership, Puro has helped bring awareness to sensory sensitivity by providing sensory relief through their volume limiting headphones and earmuffs in KultureCity’s 250+ sensory initiatives at major sporting and entertainment venues. PuroPlugs

PuroPlugs On Sale 6/14/19 – 8/16/19:  $19.99 If your kids are in any sort of band classes, Puro Sound Labs’ PuroPlugs are essential when it comes to preserving their hearing at concerts, football games, and other loud events. Hi-Fi filter technology in the earplugs preserve music, voice, and conversation quality while reducing noise evenly to maintain the full spectrum of sound while protecting hearing. These discreet earplugs also won’t muffle sound, and fit comfortably in your ears thanks to their soft, silicone exterior.

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