JOURNEY TO SOURCE Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential a.k.a the “Currell Effect”

Harmonic Resonance: is the representation of spatial structure expressed as patterns of standing waves in a resonating system.

Quantum Potential: There is a deeper reality beneath the quantum level, a sub quantum field called the quantum potential. The quantum potential “occupies” widely separated points, events, or objects. It is also an energy amplifier, since any energy input to one of the connected points simultaneously and instantly appears in every other connected point, regardless of distance or location in the universe.


I have always been interested in the timeless questions that people ask.
Where do we come from?
What is our purpose?
Who or what created the universe?

These and similar questions have always driven my curiosity as long as I have been here on earth. I was always drawn to creativity as a sophisticated way of communicating. I finally settled on music as a means to explore creativity as well as communicate. I found it fascinating how music and sound would affect people in so many different ways. I discovered among others that sound waves, new interpretations of quantum mechanics, revised classical electrodynamics and radically new views of what comprises the species Homo sapiens held the key to these questions.

A new look at physical reality
It is beyond the scope of this column to elaborate in detail each of these points. But the major key points that combined to give me a new point of view of the mechanics of the universe are summarized below.

Sound Waves
Everything is a vibration. Sound waves can be modulated into the electromagnetic spectrum and beyond. Wave patterns contain information which have a direct correlation to physical reality.

Quantum Mechanics
In the quantum potential, time and distance take a different meaning. Everything is connected. In the quantum field, the universe is broken down to potentials. Everything exists simultaneously without time or distance. Intention collapses this field into a single wave pattern (How many final objects exist in a stone before it is carved into any one of them?). The quantum field has been viewed as infinitely random noise but in fact it is chaos noise (hidden patterns). These patterns are more fundamental components of energy—specifically, the individual scalar wave components of vector electromagnetic waves. Via intention, these components may be coupled into energy, which can be compacted into mass. These patterns are unobservable… even in theory until there is enough constructive wave interference to breach the quantum threshold and become observable reality. There are infinite patterns contained in the quantum field. The patterns that breach the quantum threshold have a specific relationship based on the source of the intention (a person’s thought or postulate). For example, the sum experiences in a person’s life will affect the thoughts, intentions and postulates that he creates. The type of pattern that a person manifests is largely based upon a relationship of the sum experiences of that person. Interestingly, these experiences seem to go back in time billions if not trillions of years!!!

Another interesting discovery has to do with origin of memory. It seems that memory is also located in the quantum potential. Everything that exists originated in the quantum potential. All actions that occur in the physical universe are transmitted back into the quantum potential via vibrational resonance. The key to retrieving and assembling a specific memory from an infinite amount of memories (patterns) within the quantum field has to do with the time it was originally created and where it was located in the physical universe. In other words, date and locate is a kind of watermark for a particular memory pattern belonging to a specific person in the quantum potential and is required for retrieval.

Corrections in classical electrodynamics (or classical electromagnetics).
There are 34 flaws in current electromagnetic theory. By correcting these flaws, a new picture emerges of how physical reality is constructed and the interaction of its components.

New views and discoveries of what comprises the biological mechanism of the life form we call Homo sapiens. Basically, Homo sapiens is comprised of three main components, the spirit, mind and body.

The Spirit (apeiran)
To separate the long history of dogma and vast confusion and error of the definition of spirit, I have decided, based on the following definition, to name the spirit, apeiran. Apeiron is a Greek word meaning “unlimited,” “infinite” or “indefinite.” It came from ἀ- a- meaning “without” and πεῖραρ peirar meaning “end, limit.”

The apeiran is the awareness of awareness unit, which has all potentialities but no mass, no wave-length, no energy and no time or location in space except by consideration or postulate. It is the being who is the individual and who handles and lives in the body. The apeiran is not a thing. It is the creator of things. It is the personality and beingness, which actually is the individual and is aware of being aware. It is ordinarily and normally the person.” It is who the individual thinks he is. The apeiran is immortal and possesses capabilities well in excess of those hitherto predicted for man. It is the name given to the life source. It is the individual, the being, the personality, the knowingness of the human being.

The Mind
The mind is basically an energetic construct. It is not the brain. The mind is a network of communications and pictures, energies and masses, which are brought into being by the activities of the apeiran and the genetic entity (see somatic mind below) versus the physical universe or other apeira. The mind is a communication and control system between the apeiran, the genetic entity and the environment.

The mind can be broken down into three basic areas of activity.

  1. The analytical mind is the portion of a person’s mind that thinks logically and rationally. It is the conscious aware mind which thinks, observes data, remembers it, and resolves problems. It would be essentially the conscious mind as opposed to the unconscious mind.
  2. The reactive mind is a portion of a person’s mind, which works on a a totally stimulus-response basis. The reactive mind is not under his volitional control, and exerts force and the power of command over his awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and actions (unconscious).
  3. The somatic mind or the master cellular control system, is an even heavier type of mind than the reactive mind, since it contains no thinkingness and contains only actingness (unconscious). The impulses placed against the body by the aperian through various mental machinery, arrive at the voluntary, involuntary, and glandular levels. It is the somatic mind that takes care of the automatic mechanisms of the body, the regulation of the minutia, which keep the organism running. This master cellular control system could also be called the genetic entity since it exhibits a beingness not dissimilar to the apeiran, which has carried forward and developed the body from its earliest moments along the evolutionary line on earth. It has developed through experience, necessity and natural selection and has employed the counter-efforts of the environment to fashion an organism of the type best fitted for survival. The goal of the genetic entity is survival on a much grosser plane of materiality. The genetic entity is connected to and part of the morphogenetic field.

It is important to note here that the mind outlined above is technically just an energetic construct used by the genetic entity as a communication and control system between the body and the environment. The apeiran is an additive to the equation. The apeiran has access to the analytical portion of the mind and can influence or control its processes. The apeiran generally has no access to the reactive mind nor the somatic mind. The genetic entity controls the reactive and somatic mind functions. The mind in this sense could be bracketed together as a function with the body (mind + body).

The Body
The body is a carbon-oxygen engine which runs at 98 .6°F. It runs on low combustion fuel, generally derived from other life forms. The body is directly monitored by the master cellular control system (genetic entity) in activities such as respiration, heartbeat and endocrine secretions; but these activities may be modified by the apeiran.

It is new discoveries in these fields, which, combined with high technology, allowed me to create a process that can directly link the apeiran with the universe. I call this process “Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential” or “The Currell Effect”.

A major barrier to consciousness expansion and awareness in today’s environment.
It does not take too much intelligence and awareness to observe that the world is going through rapid changes. Change is no longer something that is in the future that we can ignore. The world is changing very fast. Time is speeding up. Unfortunately, these changes are not all positive. These changes are bringing more and more distortion and it is accumulating rapidly every second of the day.

It has been my observation that existing traditional methods of raising awareness and expanding consciousness (the ones that actually work) are too slow to counteract the enormous daily accumulation of vibrational distortion that is occurring now on this planet. These past methods were created in a time when there were far less people on the planet thus much less distortion. The overall energy motion was moving at a much slower speed as well.

I found when using these ancient methods or their derivatives in today’s environment, the results were slow and could never seem to get above the continuing increase in distortion. It was like taking one step forward and moving two backwards. The result of this current trend is that man cannot overcome the inertia of motion and distortion to actually rise above that curve and gain appreciable consciousness elevation and awareness. I view this phenomenon as a real barrier for true spiritual advancement in the modern age.

This is the reason I developed Currell Effect (CE). The CE process can help dramatically accelerate consciousness expansion. It allows one to get ahead of the rapidly accelerating distortion curve. The CE process tends to enhance and speed up the more traditional methods of consciousness expansion as well.

What is the Currell Effect?
After 25 years of research and lots of hard work, I was able to take a combination of existing technologies and theories, combine it with new concepts, to create a method, which can potentially link the vibration of the apeiran to the vibrations of the universe. This is technically called Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential.

A CE session consists of specially processed audio, which is presented to the participant via a very high quality audio display (headphone). The participant also wears an eye-mask to shut down un-needed and potentially confusing visual information.

To understand how CE works, one must understand that in essence, everything in this universe is a vibration. This vibration is energy in motion. The most interesting thing is, there is information within this phenomenon. It is the actual pattern of the vibrational energy that represents some form of information. Any information a person may seek about the universe is contained within these energy patterns. To tap into this information, one only has to resonate with that pattern.

Essentially, using a series of audio frequencies, I am able to energize specific patterns within the resonant field that exists around the physical body. The frequencies used are lower harmonics and subsets of the extremely high frequencies of the apeiran. The apeiran basically interacts with the physical universe using high wavelength components of the electromagnetic spectrum (the frequencies of light and beyond). Since wavelengths in the audio spectrum are very low, they need to be piggy backed or modulated” onto much higher carrier” frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.

This modulation is created by exciting a common “resonate frequency” of the participant’s energy field. This is done in the tuning portion of CE session (more on this later). Once this resonate frequency is found and energized, many harmonics are created which reach into the electromagnetic spectrum and beyond. As a result, a link (harmonic resonance) with the frequencies in the universe (quantum potential) is obtained and CE begins.

In order to connect with various frequencies in the universe, a series of frequencies are required which will resonate with the participant. At the same time, that harmonic spectrum, once modulated, will need to continue to resonate with the participant AND resonate with associated frequencies of the universe. The longer the resonance is maintained, the more energy is created, which manifests as more clarity to the participant.

Fundamentally, the audio content of CE must not exceed the conscious awareness of the listener (the reality of the listener). If the content of the audio goes beyond the reality of the listener, no resonance will occur and no connection with the universe will be made. So, the bandwidth of audio frequencies used in a CE session must not exceed the participant’s reality.

The end result of CE is a connection to information, which then manifests itself in various ways depending on the reality and life experience of the participant. The information enters into the participant’s awareness in a form dictated by the participant’s perception. The participant’s ability to communicate is also a factor. Since each person is unique, so it is with a CE session. Everyone experiences CE differently. And it seems that multiple sessions by a participant are all uniquely different as well.

Since everything in the universe is a vibration, it makes sense that CE should begin by optimizing the session environment. This begins as soon as the participant enters the CE session space. A calm and relaxing vibration is maintained.

In the earlier versions of the CE session room, I created an other-worldly but peaceful environment. This was done by using lasers and colored lighting to create a mood that tends to disconnect the participants from their common daily vibration while maintaining a calm and relaxed safe atmosphere. Newer versions of CE do not require such an elaborate environment since the session tuning has become much more precise and powerful. But this overall concept that CE starts at the door of the session environment is extremely important and must always be maintained.

Everything is a vibration.
Everything that exists (matter, space, energy and time) has a vibrational information pattern embedded within. These vibrational patterns are essentially the instruction set that determines how the physical universe manifests. These vibrational patterns exist at the quantum level. Actually, these vibrational instructional patterns exist in the quantum vacuum itself. This is the world of the super microcosm. In fact, the word quanta means the smallest piece of something that can exist. To give you an idea of just how small this is, here is the actual measurement of the smallest wavelength called the Planck Length:

1.616199(97)×10−35 meters

The Planck length is about 10−20 times the diameter of a proton. This is a very very small length! Anything smaller than this length is unobservable…even in theory! These unobservable states could be called virtual states, hyperspace, hyperframes or the zero point vacuum. I prefer to call it hyperspace or hyperframes. It is in this realm where these vibrational informational patterns exist. The truth is, at this level, these vibrational patterns exist only as potentials…it is consciousness itself that determines if these potentials manifest or not.

As we know in standard physics, when two wave patterns that are exactly the same come together, its energy doubles. This process is called constructive interference or resonance. When any vibrational pattern gets significantly energized by resonance (scanned by consciousness), it breaches the quantum threshold (Planck Length) and becomes observable or “manifests” into our physical world. This resonance is caused by combining together a vibrational pattern that is very similar or exactly the same as a pattern in hyperspace.

What does this have to do with CE?
The concept of the Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential is loosely based on a science known as Stochastic* Resonance.

*Stochastic is synonymous with “random.” The word is of Greek origin and means “pertaining to chance.” Adjective: stochastic – randomly determined; having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analyzed statistically but may not be predicted precisely.

Stochastic Resonance (SR) is a phenomenon where a signal that is normally too weak to be detected by a sensor, can be boosted by adding white noise to the signal, which contains a wide spectrum of frequencies. The frequencies in the white noise corresponding to the original signal’s frequencies will resonate with each other, amplifying the original signal while not amplifying the rest of the white noise (thereby increasing the signal-to-noise ratio which makes the original signal more prominent). Further, the added white noise can be enough to be detectable by the sensor, which can then filter it out to effectively detect the original, previously undetectable signal.

This phenomenon of boosting undetectable signals by resonating with added white noise extends to many other systems, whether electromagnetic, physical or biological, and is an area of intense research.

SR has been observed in the neural tissue of the sensory systems of several organisms. Computationally, neurons exhibit SR because of non-linearities in their processing. SR has yet to be fully explained in biological systems, but neural synchrony in the brain (specifically in the gamma wave frequency has been suggested as a possible neural mechanism for SR by researchers who have investigated the perception of “subconscious” visual sensation.

BUT, the universe is not random or stochastic. It is ordered in fantastic complexity. One could take the idea of stochastic resonance to the next level by using non-random patterning. This could be called Chaotic Resonance. Chaos implies disorder or lack of rules or randomness. Chaos theory tries to find some underlying order in what appears to be random events or data. We know from chaos theory that even very minute changes can produce widely different outcomes. Chaos theory also suggests that, if you can understand all of the variables affecting a system, the underlying pattern will eventually emerge from the noise and it will be easier to predict outcomes. Chaos theory encompasses the resonance of any patterning in a system.

The Currell Effect is interested only in energizing patterns from the noise that are confrontable and harmonize with the CE participant. This approach lays a path toward awareness and consciousness expansion and knowingness. If the CE participant cannot confront his experiences and feels disharmony, CE would not have the desired effect of enlightening the participant. So the next step would be Harmonic Resonance, where only patterning that constitutes harmony is generated out of the noise” thus the name Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential.” Interestingly, many of the phenomena that fall under the rubric of chaos theory, such as period doubling and limit cycles, are actually manifestations of harmonic resonance, an orderly rather than a chaotic organizational principle.

The noise” actually originates from what appears to be empty space. This empty space is called the vacuum” in modern physics. “Vacuum” is what we usually think of as the empty space left after all the air is removed. However, in modern physics it is well-known that space is not such an “emptiness” at all. Instead, it is filled with energetic particles that appear and disappear with extraordinary speed. Hence the vacuum” in physics is more like a seething cauldron, boiling fiercely. The energy density of this boiling is so great that it literally boggles one’s mind. A bit of “empty space” the size of a sugar cube contains enough “seething electromagnetic energy” to power all the electrical loads on earth for millions of years. The quantum potential contains the vacuum. The quantum potential contains infinite possibilities.

How CE works
CE uses sound waves as a reference beam to resonate with similar or duplicate patterns that are contained in hyperspace. The process is very similar to holography. It also uses a technique called modulation. Modulation is the process whereby some characteristic of one wave (i.e. sound) is varied in accordance with some characteristic of another wave (i.e. light). The human body system is a transmitter and receiver of vibrational patterns. These patterns are electromagnetic in nature (light). The thoughts, feelings, emotions and our perception of the physical world around us are transmitted and received by the body (cells, DNA, nervous system, brain, heart etc.). The hub for the reception and transmission of information is mind. Mind is not the brain…it is an energetic construct (non-physical machine) which acts as an interpreter between the individual (apeiran) and the physical universe.

The big picture
I am now going to talk about a different mind. Basically there are two STATES of mind, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind (not to be confused with the analytical, reactive and somatic mind). This mind is the domain of the apeiran. The mind in this sense is the apeiran’s awareness, consciousness, thoughts and postulates. The conscious mind is combination of the apeiran’s thought mixed with the analytical mind. When an apeiran is inhabiting a body+mind system, a large portion of the apeiran’s consciousness becomes inaccessible due to the barriers and separations created by the analytical, reactive and somatic mind (genetic entity). Only a fraction of the apeiran’s consciousness is operational and is forced to function within the confines of the analytical mind. The unconscious mind is a portion of the apeiran’s mind, as mentioned above, which is generally inaccessible due to the barriers and separations created by the analytical, reactive and somatic mind (genetic entity). The unconscious mind is really conscious…in other words, there is all kinds of activity and thought processes that are going on but these activities are not directly accessible to the conscious mind. Yet, the results of these activities can and do manifest into the physical universe. There is far more activity going on in the unconscious mind than in the conscious mind. I would even suggest that most of the manifestations occurring in our reality comes from collective agreement within collective unconscious minds.

It is in the unconscious mind that a connection to hyperspace and the quantum potential is made. It could be said that herein is the gateway to where all knowledge and experience is stored as vibrational patterns in hyperspace. Some call this the A field or the Akashic Record. Hyperspace is filled with vibrational information patterns that appear to be total random noise, but in actual fact is really chaos.

Memories of your experiences are contained as vibrational patterns in hyperspace. Since the vast amount of memories of your experiences are stored in hyperspace, they are not directly observable by the conscious mind. To bring these memories into the conscious mind, they need significant resonant energy for them to breach the quantum threshold (Planck Length). CE uses sound vibration to create a resonance (harmonics, octaves, etc.) with vibrational patterns in hyperspace. When a CE sound pattern matches (resonates) a vibrational pattern in hyperspace, that pattern is energized, then it breaches the quantum threshold and becomes directly observable first by the apeiran through the unconscious mind. That information then down modulates and manifests in the conscious mind via human perceptions…(sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, etc) Actually there are many more than these five. There are actually fifty-seven! It is these combined human perceptions that create our sense of reality in a three dimensional world. A kind of super virtual reality!

CE creates a specific range of vibrational patterns that potentially can resonate with a person’s own unconscious vibrational patterns. When the participant resonates with a CE vibration, it is because there is a connection to a similar vibrational pattern hidden hyperspatially within the unconscious mind.

For CE to work, the participant must first become one with the CE sound vibrations. To do this requires the individual to be in good health both physically and mentally. The participant must also have focus and clarity. This is the reason for the vibrational tuning just prior to the actual Currell Effect.

Now these hyperspatial patterns can represent anything in the physical universe. These patterns when energized will be available to the conscious mind via the human perceptions. During the initial CE process, these vibrational patterns, manifesting via the fifty seven-human perceptions, can seem to be quite real! Since everyone has had different experiences in the universe, they are unique to each individual. In other words, each person will have a different experience…they cannot be compared in any way.

Since any type of pattern can be energized, the effect can appear to be good or bad. This dichotomy is basically an illusion. There is no good or bad…there is only vibrational patterns. It is the individual’s consideration, which puts the label of good or bad on the experience. In the big picture, all experiences are beneficial to the individual. But in the smaller picture, the person’s own current awareness and point of view will determine if the experience is beneficial or not.

Theory in Pictures

CE 1
CE 2
CE 3

How does CE work?
The following series of diagrams explain in simple terms, the basic function of CE.

The Currell Effect requires a participant wearing headphones and an eye mask.

The Currell Effect requires a special high quality headphone system.

Specially prepared CE audio waveforms representing all frequencies are played back through headphones.

CE 4

As the conscious mind processes the sound patterns (listening), they are converted (modulated) to electromagnetic wave patterns and enter the unconscious mind.

CE 5

The modulated audio information, now in the form of electromagnetic wave patterns, can be directly perceived by the spirit (apeiran) from within the unconscious mind without the barriers and limitations of the conscious mind.

CE 6

Then the spirit (apeiran) puts attention directly on the electromagnetic wave patterns, scanning them. As the spirit’s attention focuses directly on a specific wave pattern, its hyperspatial attributes begin to energize (virtual harmonics).

CE 7

Crosstalk between the three-dimensional world and Hyperspace (quantum field) begin to increase. Hyperspatial components of an audio waveform resonate its virtual pattern from the quantum potential.

CE 8

As soon as hyperspatial components of the audio waveform begin to resonate a virtual pattern in hyperspace, the spirit (apeiran) shifts attention from the electromagnetic wave patterns to the hyperspatial components in the quantum field (generically labeled Hyperspace in the diagram above). The sound vibrations continue to resonate in the conscious and unconscious mind.

CE 9

The energy from the combined resonance from the sound waves, the spirit’s (apeiran) attention on the hyperspatial components and the virtual wave pattern, which is emerging from the quantum potential (generically labeled Hyperspace in the diagram above), becomes amplified (constructive resonance).

CE 10

We now have invoked Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential (HRQP). Once a virtual pattern reaches a significant energy, it breaches the quantum threshold (generically labeled Hyperspace in the diagram above) and manifests into both the unconscious and the conscious mind of the participant. The conscious mind perceives the virtual pattern as a mental image picture.

Crosstalk to Hyperspace

A CE sound pattern that the conscious mind hears is just a symbol for a much larger and connected pattern that exists in the quantum potential. For example, resonance of a sound wave pattern could manifest as the visual symbol of a brick. The visual symbol of the brick is crosstalk from the unconscious mind into the conscious mind. Once the Harmonic Resonance of the Quantum Potential (HRQP) is invoked, crosstalk is radically increased. The participant could then perceive a visual (as well as other senses) of the whole house of which the brick is only a part. Not only that, one might also get a complete time track (like a 3-D movie) from when the house was first built and its entire history. Since time does not exist in hyperspace. One could experience an entire lifetime. But, within the three-dimensional reality where we currently exist, only a few seconds may have passed. The conscious mind (which is really unconscious) is actually bypassed in the CE process, making it possible for the spirit (apeiran) to view the entire event.

On October 26, 2012, I presented a proof of concept demonstration of the first Currell Effect at my home to a group of twelve people who had volunteered to be test subjects. This test consisted of myself improvising sound through a system of four speakers with the participants seated in the middle with their eyes closed. I also used some small stage lighting to create a warm but ethereal effect to the room. The information I gathered was very important and useful.

  1. The people thought the experience was very interesting and many reported going “somewhere.” Many also reported seeing many visual effects, colors, patterns or even entire scenes. Some reported physical changes such as feeling their body get hotter or feeling their body involuntarily moving or vibrating.
  2. It became clear to me that speakers were not the answer. It was very difficult to control the sound field that was presented to the participant’s ears. This was due to the various listening positions and the acoustics of the environment. The solution would be to use headphones.
  3. The session was too long (thirty minutes) to require the participants to have their eyes closed. It became a distraction to some participants. It was clear that an eye mask would handle this problem.
  4. The lighting was helpful in getting the participants into a comfortable and relaxed state of mind.

The Currell Effect Version One
One month later, I finalized the design of the new Currell Effect audio system. It consisted of an Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer, a Metric Halo 2882 DAC, an ART SLA-1 amplifier, a custom-built headphone distribution system and 12 sets of Sennheiser HD 650 headphones. The system also included eye masks. I also added more lighting to help create a different mood in the session room. I improvised the sound and spatial information via a custom software interface on an iPad tablet.

On November 23, 2012, after twenty-two years of research, CE was unveiled to the public for three days in Tokyo. Shortly thereafter, it was followed up with sessions in Kobe, Okinawa and a return visit to Tokyo on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 2013. There also was quite a high rate of repeat sessions by many participants. After a successful first run, it seems that we had hit an approximate 97% success rate based on the written feedback from the participants. This percentage ratio of success is quite extraordinary considering it was the first time CE was presented to the public.

The session consisted of a vibrational tuning, which, I improvised and depending on the vibration of the participants, it usually took from twelve to fifteen minutes. Once I felt a unification of vibration, I transitioned seamlessly into the CE session. The CE session was usually around half an hour. After the session, there was a group sharing were each individual was given a few minutes to share his/her experience with the group.

After a total of twelve days, I was able to gather a wealth of information from over three hundred participants. This information was invaluable in helping me to optimize CE. This included changing various aspects that were found to be not optimum, fine tuning parameters that were working and to make sure these working parameters were optimized.

For the version one series of Currell Effect sessions, I decided on a range of frequencies based on empirical data. The results of the sessions indicate that the range I chose was basically correct. But what was interesting is the data feedback of repeat participants. Each session was different for each individual. When participants did multiple sessions, their awareness increased but they began to resonate less and less with the existing frequency ranges of CE. This was actually very good news…it meant that I underestimated the potential range of frequencies that people could confront. I realized I could increase this range significantly.

After conducting many sessions, another interesting phenomenon began to emerge. It seemed CE did not end when the session finished. Some participants began reporting profound changes and cognitions long after the sessions were finished. Participants reported changes in their perceptions and/or consciousness up to three weeks or more after their sessions!

The Currell Effect Version Two
After the initial sessions of CE version one, I began working on the next version with an increased bandwidth of audio frequencies. This increase in audio frequencies would provide a wider and deeper range of resonance. CE version two did exactly this. The overall frequency range had been increased. This translated to the participants in two areas.

  1. The audio content was completely changed (expanded frequency content). Also the tuning was changed as well. The new tuning should create a higher resonate group frequency than before.
  2. In order to facilitate this increased frequency range and content, the hardware playback system had to also be modified. Instead of the playback being 16 bit 44.100kHz sampling rate (the previous system was the same quality as a CD), it was now increased to 24 bit 96.000kHz sampling rate. This means the quality of the playback is now more than double that of an audio CD. To bring the playback hardware into line with this higher quality, I changed the power amplifier to a Bryston 2B LP. The rest of the system continued to support the level of quality without any problems.

How these changes translated to the participants was a much more powerful and expansive connection with the universe resonances

CE version two was subsequently released and presented in Ashiya, Japan on May 24 2013. It was met with great success! CE version two was then presented two months later in Tokyo. After a total of eleven days and over 200 participants, receiving written feedback from each, I was again able to get details of how I could refine CE even more. It seemed that we again hit a very high success rate of 98.5% based on the written feedback from the participants.

What is interesting is that the remaining 1.5% reported that during or after the session they experienced a feeling an uncomfortable heaviness, physical skin reactions or headaches. These effects rapidly dissipated but with the cognition of the individuals realizing that it was a sign that more care and attention needed to be focused on their physical health. Most of these reported that they realized they were working way too hard, which placed undue stress on their physical health. So maybe these reports could also be considered as positive results as well. I was thinking that maybe I could increase the frequency content even more.

Interestingly, another phenomenon began to emerge. In a group of ten people, it became quite common for three to four people to have an almost identical experience! This phenomenon would happen in about one third of the total CE sessions! This is actually not surprising given the fact that all the participants’ vibrations had been tuned together at the beginning of the CE session.

For CE to be effective in elevating consciousness, the participant is required to be in both mentally and physically good shape. CE is NOT a healing methodology per se, It is designed to resonate the participant with the universe. CE is NOT music. It is sound vibrations designed to create harmonic resonance of the quantum potential. If a person needs spiritual, mental or physical healing, that is a prerequisite before for doing CE. If a person is on drugs, or medication, has depression, or anything else that prevents him from being stable and alert both physically and mentally, they are not yet ready to do CE. The most important first steps toward doing CE are to get the person’s problems handled first. If a person does CE and has any of these problems, CE will not function efficiently or maybe not even work at all. I would consider this a negative effect. For example: There are gradient steps to learning how to fly an airplane. One would not attempt to fly a plane the first time in the pilots seat! The negative effect could be crashing the airplane!

In my lectures and workshops, I emphasize connecting the dots in the correct order for a person to properly understand and apply the data being discussed. The same applies to CE. To help people with the correct sequence of steps, I have implemented a check sheet for people to fill out. This will help determine the correct steps for each person. I want each participant to get the maximum benefit of CE possible. It is my intention to deliver CE to anyone who wants the experience. But there are gradient steps to achieving a meaningful and rewarding experience with CE. Good mental and physical health is a priority and part of the essential gradient steps toward the CE experience and connecting with the universe.

Please note that it is outside of the purpose and goal of CE to heal or recommend any type of healing methodology. That is the participants’ responsibility.

Manifesting from the Quantum Potental

CEX (version three)
After version two was released and I had complied all the data, I decided to do CE according to my original vision. With previous versions, I had compromised not knowing if the full version of CE would overwhelm the participant. I had developed CE in gradient steps. The feedback by the participants experiencing version one and two indicated that participants could indeed confront the full CE without being overwhelmed. I named version three, CEX.

The “X” in CEX basically means unlimited. The audio contains ALL frequencies. The participant can choose whatever frequency he/she wishes to resonant with. There is no “frame” of limited frequencies. To the participant, the CEX sound is similar to a waterfall, rain or a flowing river. Basically the actual CEX sound is comprised mainly of white noise, pink noise, brown noise and grey noise meticulously crafted and mixed into a continually evolving three dimensional space. All CE audio, beginning with version one, is three-dimensional and is experienced outside the listener’s head. With CEX, the sample rate was further increased to 192 kHz.

Also, I no longer would need to “tune” the participants or improvise the sessions. With all frequencies represented, there would always be a pattern that the participant can resonate with. In essence, each participant can “tune” himself/herself. In version one and two my improvisation, no matter how neutral I tried to be, still resulted in a sort of guided meditation. I strongly believe that the results of the session should be totally based on the participant’s freedom of choice. My influence via tuning and throughout the session, no matter how subtle in the past, would no longer become a factor in the participant’s freedom of choice.

The apeiran can perceive extremely subtle wave patterns. With previous versions of CE, the audio equipment was not capable of reproducing the audio with the accuracy that was required for CEX to reach its full potential. The CEX playback system was radically upgraded. The new system consists of the following equipment:

Woo Audio WES amplifier with all available options,
Headamp Blue Hawaii with ALPS RK50,
Two Stax SR-009 electrostatic headphones,
Antelope Audio Zodiac Plus mastering DAC with Voltikus PSU,
PS Audio PerfectWave P3 Power Plant.
Wireworld USB cable and custom audio cable by Woo Audio.
MacMini audio server with iPad wireless interface.

The maximum number of participants for CEX at one time also changed from previous versions from a maximum of ten to two (two is a limitation based only on the cost of the equipment). The participants have no interaction. They are totally separate and personal sessions.

Versions one and two of CE sessions were divided into three parts:

  1. Vibrational tuning – 10 or 15 minutes
  2. CE – 30 minutes
  3. Group sharing – 30 minutes

With CEX, the format changed. The following was the CEX format:

  1. CEX – one hour
  2. Participants write down their experiences.

CEX was first released in Tokyo, June 7, 2014. It was followed by two more releases for a total of nine days. Sixty-three participants attended these sessions.

The results of CEX were quite amazing! The reported feedback by participants was very different than previous CE versions and resulted in a higher vibrational connection to the quantum potential. The CEX after effects were quite profound and life changing for the participants. In fact, for the majority of participants, the after effects from CEX were more prominent in their overall impact on the participant than the experiences during the session itself!

Currell Effect Session Room

Why CEX?
Currently, time and events in this sector of the universe are vibrationally accelerating. The speed by which traditional teachings and practices of consciousness expansion and achieving significant results are not keeping up with this accelerating shift. I saw a need in creating a workable system using advanced technology by which people can increase their awareness at a faster rate than the rate of shift in the environment that surrounds them. Understanding of this is important because if the awareness of individuals are not increasing at a faster rate than the vibrational changes in the universe around them, they will have a tendency to become overwhelmed, which can lower their vibration rather than increase it. The end result is a loss of the individual’s causality and declining awareness. CE and CEX are my answer to this problem. CE and CEX were intended as a means to “speed up” consciousness expansion and awareness in the individual.

The bigger picture
CE is actually a two way” interaction with the universe. In previous CE versions, I did not stress this fact. But with CEX, this interaction is vitally important for the participant to get the most from the CEX session. CE and CEX are not about the participant being passive and waiting to receive information from the universe. The participant can and should project his/her intention into the universe and ask questions. It is an interactive experience. This two-way aspect of CEX is the basic purpose for CEX. The end result of the session is the individual will have experienced new viewpoints on life and the universe. These new viewpoints affect the individual’s choices and therefore, they affect individual’s path in life. He/she can create change based on his/her own choices.

The two-way aspect of CEX is called communication. In order to facilitate this two-way communication in CEX, the participant must first know how” to communicate. The essence of communication is not just learning how to talk to someone. It goes much deeper than that. It is one of the most important aspect by which the apeiran interacts with the physical universe. If a person does not know how to communicate, his life will simply not evolve. The ability to communicate is essential for any endeavour in this physical reality and beyond. But almost no one knows how to communicate properly or the anatomy and mechanics of communication itself.

Standard Technology
After getting feedback from the CEX participants, it became apparent that a longer gradient into and out of CEX would be beneficial to a larger portion of participants. I completely reworked the audio content again to reflect these gradients. It was during this time that six specific steps or process became defined that together make up the complete CE experience.

Step 1. “Tuning”
The universe is always in motion (vibration), and like the universe, all the vibrations from the participants and the environment are shifting and changing from moment to moment. This first step involves bringing each person’s vibration into harmony with the vibrations of the local environment. This process is called Tuning.” It sets the basic foundation for the Currell Effect.

Step 2. Scanning
This step involves using various audio frequencies to scan and energize the participant’s apeiron energy field. Apeiron is the life force, life energy, divine energy, elan vital, or by any other name, the energy peculiar to life which acts upon material in the physical universe and animates it, mobilizes it and changes it. Apeiron is thought; an energy of its own universe analogous to energy in the physical universe and occasionally parallels electromagnetic-gravitic laws. It is an energy existing separate and distinct from the physical universe. The scan includes, but not limited to, the following apeiron fields:

  1. The Etheric Field
  2. The Emotional Field
  3. The Mental Field
  4. The Astral Field
  5. The Etheric Template Field
  6. The Celestial Field
  7. Causal Field
  8. The Cosmic Field

(For more information on the auric fields, please check out Barbara Brennan’s book Hands of Light.”)

Scanning essentially wakes up the participant to higher vibrational fields by calling attention to his/her apeiron energy field.

Step 3. “The Currell Effect”
When the participant’s apeiron energy field has been fully scanned, the Currell Effect is invoked. The Currell Effect is a three-dimensional experience with full perception of different dimensions, vibrational densities and of the multi-verse. These things are all just vibrational patterns of energy contained in hyperspace. The hyperspace that I am talking about is made up of various components called hyperframes. The first hyperframe is the physical universe. The second hyperframe is the electromagnetic spectrum…a small part of which is visible light. The third hyperframe is the neutrinic field, and the fourth hyperframe is the mind field (apeiran). Each one of these hyperframes tends to slightly crosstalk into each other. Hyperframes have as part of their components, virtual states, which exist at a quantum level. A virtual state by definition is one that cannot be observed…even in theory. These virtual states exist (at a quantum level) in hyperspace. This is a world of quantum potentials. Infinite possibilities.

The overall resonant frequency of the local environment (including the participant) creates a vibrational pattern, which is called an Object Pattern. A vibrational pattern that exists in hyperspace as a quantum potential is called a Reference Pattern. When the Object Pattern and the Reference Pattern encounter each other, an Interference Pattern is created. This process is called Quantum Interferometry. This Interference Pattern is perceived by consciousness as a three-dimensional experience that is holographic in nature. It is a view directly into the nature of all that is. Information flows to and from this connection.

Essentially, the participant during a Currell Effect session, exteriorizes from their programmed vibrational patterns and experience the universe directly. It is through this experience that the participant obtains a different point of view. This different point of view influences the participant’s future decision making and therefore changes the course of his/her life. Multiple experiences accelerate the expansion of awareness and consciousness. Eventually, it is possible for a person to achieve the Currell Effect on his/her own without having to attend a Currell Effect session.

Step 4 Return”
After a duration determined by the specific CE audio session, the participant is returned to the first hyperframe, the physical universe. This is done to ease the transition from the other hyperframes. The first hyperframe can sometimes feel very heavy in relation to other hyperframes the participant was exploring. The CE audio vibrations are intended to make a smooth transition between other hyperframes and return the CE participant easily back to the physical universe.

Step 5. “Feedback”
This is a very important step as it presents an opportunity for the CE participant to focus and recall his/her CE experience. No talking is allowed from the end of the CE session to the end of writing the feedback. The participant sits in a quiet room, and takes as long as he/she wishes to write his/her experience. Once finished, the feedback document can be used as a reference for his/her progress against future CE sessions. It is data that I also use for research.

Step 6. After Effects”
The Currell Effect does not stop when the session finishes. It keeps going after the participant leaves the session room. These after effects are sometimes very obvious or sometimes they are subtle. A participant in a CE session downloads a lot of information. Some of that information is remembered immediately after the session and is documented in the feedback document. But there is also a lot of information that was downloaded and that for various reasons, is still locked up in the unconscious mind and therefore below the participant’s awareness.

As time passes, usually up to and around two weeks, the participant can start to recall or experience more of the Currell Effect. This is basically caused by two factors.

  1. Over time, the CE participant can relax. At these moments, the participant’s confront goes up. He/she can remember more of his/her CE experiences or the CE experiences he/she remembered start to take on a deeper meaning.
  2. During the participant’s normal daily life, he/she runs into many experiences. Some very minor, some more significant. Everything is a vibration. An everyday experience is a vibration that can resonate a CE experience, which was just below the participant’s awareness. The everyday experience energizes the hidden CE experience in the unconscious and gives it enough energy to bring the experience into the participant’s conscious awareness.

Research has shown that CE after effects are the most profound to the participant and tend to result in very positive and significant life changes.

Being tested and improved in small steps at a time, the Currell Effect has finally been optimized. This means that the Currell Effect can reach and expand the consciousness of a more broad range of participants with maximum results. Beginning March 27th, 2015 in Tokyo Japan, the standardized Currell Effect was presented over a period of four days with great success and again June 26th, 2015 for another four days with the same success.

Currently, due to advancements in technology, the Currell Effect can now be presented using a high quality yet portable headphone system, which provides the quality necessary to invoke the Currell Effect process. This makes it possible for the Currell Effect session to be more affordable and easily transportable. This current version is called simply CE.

Standard CE currently uses an A&K 100II DAP, a Chord Hugo DAC and the MrSpeakers Ether C headphone.

In addition, the ultimate Currell Effect session will continue to be made available using the high definition headphone system, which was initially used for CEX. This version is called CE-HD.

What Is The Difference?
The actual CE audio content is identical between the two versions. It is only the quality of the playback system that is different.

One could look at it this way…you have two cars. One is a Volkswagen (CE) and one is a Ferrari (CE-HD). You want to take a trip to the beach. Both cars will get you to where you are going. But the Ferrari will get you there faster, with more style, amenities and of course more expensively. Ultimately, using the Volkswagen (CE), more people can actually go to the beach!

It is the same way between CE and CE-HD. CE-HD will allow the individual to potentially reach higher awareness and consciousness in less time within a more refined context. But due to the cost of the equipment, CE-HD is also more expensive.

CE on the other hand, will reach the same goal and it is much less expensive and therefore much more accessible to people.

There now exists a way to get answers to the profound questions people ask about the universe. It is my sincerest hope and wish that the answers you seek in life will have some resolve upon experiencing CE on your personal journey to source!

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Current Headphone System: Woo Audio WES amplifier with all available options, Headamp Blue Hawaii with ALPS RK50, two Stax SR-009 electrostatic headphones, Antelope Audio Zodiac+mastering DAC with Voltikus PSU, PS Audio PerfectWave P3 Power Plant. Also Wireworld USB cable and custom audio cable by Woo Audio. MacMini audio server with iPad wireless interface.

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