Vervent Audio Group Creates Focal Naim America and Focal Naim Canada

New York, NY – February 14, 2019 – Vervent Audio Group (VVAG), the French brand leading acoustic and electronic innovation at the crossroads of luxury design and cutting-edge technology, is announcing its strengthened position in North America and acceleration of its international ambitions, with the acquisition of Audio Plus Services & Plurison. The two major distributors of high-end audio equipment in the US and Canada, extend the expertise and excellence of Vervent’s iconic brands, Focal and Naim.

Focal and Naim combine pleasure and innovation with their exceptional materials, avant-garde processes, and pure, sensational and emotional experiences. With their portfolio of reference products for music lovers in Europe, America and Asia, both Vervent brands, with the addition of Audio Plus Services & Plurison, are further establishing themselves as key players in the North American audio market. Effect

With the acquisition of Audio Plus Services & Plurison, Vervent Audio Group is creating its new North American subsidiaries, Focal Naim America and Focal Naim Canada. The brand subsidiaries signal a new investment phase and direction for Vervent in the US and Canada, while maintaining its goals of increasing the quality of its services, driven by the desire to work more closely with its retailers. By creating its own distribution entity, the group is striving to turn the North American territory into the market leader for Focal – which turns 40 this year – and Naim – which just turned 45.

Daniel Jacques, founder of Audio Plus Services & Plurison, will lead both Focal Naim America and Focal Naim Canada, as President, with the goal to deploy and oferring focused on customer experience and high-quality service. Under his leadership, Focal Naim America and Focal Naim Canada will boast the largest sales force in the high-end audio industry in North America, and will strive to double its turnover over the next five years.


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Max Borges Agency for Focal North America

About Vervent Audio Group

Vervent Audio Group was born in 2014 as the holding company for Focal and Naim Audio, with each brand contributing its own expertise to the Group. Focal, a French manufacturer of audiophile loudspeakers, brings with it their experience in speaker design, professional monitors, car audio systems, integration products and headphones. Naim Audio, a highly respected British manufacturer of electronics, is specialized in two-channel hi-fi components, complete streaming systems for the home, amplifiers and music servers. Together, these two enterprises constitute a reference within the high-fidelity community. The key markets for Vervent Audio Group in Europe are France, the UK and Germany, with the US becoming their first country of export. Vervent Audio Group generated almost €100 million in business in 2018, 2/3 of which was outside of the two countries of origin, France and the United Kingdom. At present, Vervent has over 430 employees in Europe.

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