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Master&Dynamic MH40

Back in early September of this year I was speaking with good friend and audio-visionary, Jonathan Weiss, of Oswald’s Mill Audio (OMA). He had been contacted by one Mr. Jonathan Levine, founder and CEO of Master & Dynamic. Mr. Levine had found out about OMA after being sent a link by his son pointing to […]

Astell&Kern AK120 II

Mobility hasn’t necessarily been my thing in recent years, at least enough to make a significant investment in DAPs that ring in at the Astell&Kern range. After all, these are the Ferraris of the DAP world and I’m kind of a beer-budget audiophile when it comes to mobile. I’ve been fairly satisfied with my iPhone+HeadAmp […]

NOBLE K10 Universal IEM

There’s an old saying that my father likes to use occasionally, and the G-rated version goes like this: “Like trying to put 10lbs of stuff in a 5lb bag” – sounds inelegant, I know, but those who actually accomplish these feats elegantly are thought of as superhuman Wizards. Of late, there has been a trend […]